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Price: $71
Duration: 4 hours
Availability: Every day


WARNING: This isn't your ordinary tour. For sightseeing lovers and foodies, this half day tour is a great opportunity to have your curiosity - and taste buds - satisfied.

Intimidated by Miami? Don't worry about a thing. Even wide-eyed visitors quickly fall into step during this fun tour through Miami's most exciting places.

By bus and foot, join an expert guide exploring Miami To The the Max! Experience the Little Havana Cuban neighborhood for a food tour of Cuban cuisine. Roam with us through Ocean Drive, for an Art Deco Walk Tour, and Wynwood Walls art park, as you get to know our historic city.

From the Art Deco District in South Beach to the towering heart of Downtown Miami, this tour makes experiencing the best of Miami easy.

Upon completion, you'll have a great understanding of the area.

What is Miami to the Max?

The phrase "to the max" is an American expression to define something done to the most extreme limit possible. It's a shortened way of saying “to the maximum.”

For us, doing "Miami To The Max!" means to experience the city to its fullest, and enjoy every minute of the day. The tour is an absolute must for tourists. You'll meet other travelers and enjoy a mixture of live and recorded commentary, music, food, beverages, sightseeing, and breathtaking scenery.

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